Feedback from past clients

"Sally doesn't just sit there, she has this way of getting to the stuff that matters, but I never felt pressured."

"I'm a naturally thoughtful and reflective person, yet Sally seems to notice things in what I say which has really opened my eyes."

'If you had a physical health issue, you'd want to get it sorted! It's time we all started thinking about our mental health in the same way. Sally provided me with what I needed. It worked for me."

'Sally works miracles.'

'My relationship with myself and the people in my life has been transformed.'

'Don't worry because it's probably the best thing you'll ever do! I can't put it into words, don't fear the unknown...Just do it if you want to understand yourself and live the life you want.'

'Sally is very warm and easy to talk to, I never felt judged. She genuinely cared about my well-being.'

'I don't really know why it has worked, but it has! My life circumstances are exactly the same as when I started but I just don't feel as burdened by everything at all...'

'I was so nervous I could hardly speak, yet within half an hour I knew Sally was on my side and she wasn't judging me.'

'I have seen a counsellor before and it was an awful experience... I knew, if Sally was the same I would never again see another counsellor. I am really glad I was convinced to give it another go.'

'I didn't know what it would be like, I am so glad I decided to do it.'

'I have told Sally things I have never told anyone, and I feel so much better for it.'

'I can't believe how far I have come, I feel like a new person. I look back at my first session, I just can't believe that was how bad I felt.'


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Sally-Anne Armitage

BA(Hons) Dip. Coun. MBACP Accredited.

I offer face to face, one to one counselling from my home in Morley, near Leeds Centre. My services can be long or short-term in nature.

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